Ava’s 4th Birthday!

Ava's 4th Birthday 2013-2478Our little girl is four! It’s a little hard to believe.

She woke up at at 6 a.m. shouting, “Mommy, Mommy!” and when I rushed into her room, she was all decked out in the birthday dress that she had chosen the night before (a vintage dress from MY 4th year of life). “I’m four now!”, she declared with great enthusiasm, and she asked me to tie the sash on her dress. We went to Gloria Jean’s for breakfast (our normal birthday breakfast place, the Shop Too, was closed for the Pchum Ben holiday) and Ava had her first hot chocolate, which she was very excited about. She opened her gifts at the coffee shop, and was thrilled with the various treasures. She’s currently playing happily with her new dollhouse car, taking her little people on a picnic, while simultaneously baking cookies (a gift) in her play kitchen.

We love you, our precious Ava Evangelyn, and we are constantly amazed that God chose us to be your parents. You are becoming quite the little lady–assisting around the house (especially now that Mommy and Daddy both have back injuries–you’ve been such a great help!), playing sweetly with your brother (at least half of the time ;)), tenderly mothering all of your baby dolls, reading Madeline and Curious George, playing for hours with the miniature family in your dollhouse, cooking food for us in your kitchen, singing both familiar songs and your original tunes (in a very loud voice!), watching The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That and Dora, dancing in your ballet slippers and big poofy dresses (and you have rhythm!), coloring, painting, stickers, riding your bike, and all of the other activities that you enjoy. Your vocabulary, in both English and Khmer has expanded rapidly in the past 6 months, and you are definitely in the “Why?” phase. You like to pray for our meals and at bedtime, and you always end your prayer with “And Jesus said, Amen”. You thoroughly enjoy Khmer Sunday School and you even performed with the other children (a few weeks ago) in front of church. You were nervous at first, but then you were having such fun, that you forgot about it. You can read a few small words, when you sound them out slowly, though sometimes you get frustrated, so we don’t push you too hard. You learned all of the alphabet sounds by watching The Letter Factory (Leapfrog) while Mommy was having her Khmer lessons. You are always excited to do your workbook, learning how to connect the dots with numbers and letters, do mazes, and find hidden objects. It’s a joy to watch your little mind and personality blossom during this delightful stage. We’re excited to see what this next year holds, and above all else, we pray that you would come to know the Savior at a young age. This is our hope and desire.

Happy Birthday, dearest daughter!

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