Paton’s First Birthday Party

Two days after my parents’ arrival (and two days before our shared September 10th birthday), we celebrated Paton’s first birthday with a party–Paton’s Puppy Party!  As they were here for Ava’s first birthday, it was a sweet blessing to have my parents present for Paton’s birthday as well. It was also a joy to to celebrate the occasion with our team mates (including the Mayer family) and our dear friends, the Krouch family. We definitely missed all of our family in the States, though!

We started the party with various dog-themed games–Pin the Tail on the Dog, Guess the Dog Breed (using a dog breed poster), Dog Food (chocolate cereal) Eating Competition, and finally, a dog bone pinata! The games were geared toward the older kids but Ava and the younger ones enjoyed watching! We also had canine-themed snacks–corn dogs, “puppy paws” (sow mow–a hairy fruit), “chew sticks” (cream-filled wafer sticks), “puppy chow” (chocolate cereal), dog bones (pretzels with marshmallow ends, dipped in white chocolate), and of course, puppy cupcakes (with pink-colored cake to make it more authentic…).

A big thanks to my mom and dad for helping us with the party, especially the decorations, and to Christina and Cassie for helping me with the cupcakes.

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