September Summary

So, here are some more memories from before Ava’s birth, which I’m finally finding the time to post. September was a busy month for us…my 31st birthday (which we celebrated later in the month, since Nate was terribly ill on my actual birthday) and many visits with friends and family.


We fellowshipped with our friends, Chuck and Hannah (from So Cal), and Hannah’s mom, while enjoying frozen yogurt at “Sweet Sundays”. It was great to see them and catch up a bit. We highly recommend this yogurt stop, located on Santa Teresa and Blossom Hill in San Jose.


Our friends’ son, Lucas, saying hi to the baby. We’re already betrothing our children, of course…


Kisses for the baby…so cute!


I had a mini reunion with some great gals from our former church. It was so much fun to reconnect and to meet all of the precious offspring.


All the kiddos…hard to believe how much our lives have changed since we knew each other 20 years ago!


Friends: Left to Right – Jenn, Alethea, Shelley, Christi, Me, and Evangelyn


Belated birthday – Nate took me to La Fondue in Saratoga. The first time we went, in 2007, we had just started dating and it was a little awkward. No more awkwardness now, needless to say!


One of our last pre-Ava dates


Is someone watching me?


Seriously, I feel like someone is watching me…


This picture is commemorate the two week period in August when all of us lived at my parents (though the photo was taken in September). My sis and her husband were slowly moving into their new home…painting etc., so they needed a place to stay. Johnny hadn’t left for school yet, and Nate and I are residents until January. We had some fun times…I love my family!


My dad wanted a picture of us in Ava’s nursery, so we obliged…with a little touch of goofiness.


Nate’s childhood friend, Sarah, gave birth to beautiful Grace (Gracie) in August. We had the opportunity to go and visit her when she was a few weeks old. It was fun to follow Sarah’s pregnancy, since she was only a month or so ahead of me. She and her husband, Justin, are a wonderful couple, and it’s been a blessing getting to know them.


Nate and Sarah – How special that two friends had two baby girls, only a few weeks apart…Sarah’s already mentioned that they should be pen pals.


Luann and Marcio’s lovely California reception


One week before Ava’s birth. We waddled over from my parents (the reception was held only a few minutes away), to see the happy couple…I was slightly afraid of going into labor. I’m so glad that we were able to make it, though. Thanks for inviting us!

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  • October 26, 2009 at 8:22 pm

    In the picture with your gal friends at the park… why does Shelly look so familiar to me?

  • October 26, 2009 at 9:02 pm

    She was also homeschooled and probably roamed in the same circles as you. XL choir perhaps?


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