More Summer Memories


We participated in the neighborhood garage sale


A visit with my good friend, Jenn, and her precious little Greta


I love the hat!


Our Childbirth Prep class at Good Samaritan Hospital. One of the pain management exercises was to hold ice in our hand for a minute, while using different techniques to minimize the discomfort. We will be delivering at Los Gatos El Camino.


After several minutes of the exercise, our hands were so numb that it wasn’t effective anymore.


Visiting with our dear friends, Alisha and David.


Johnny moving to Berkeley! Fourth generation Cal student.


Date night at the Stanford Theatre in Palo Alto where we saw the classic, Sunset Boulevard. My family and I used to come here often, but it was Nate’s first time. The theater is known for its “authentic movie-going experience of Hollywood’s Golden Age”, including an organist playing in between the films. We thoroughly enjoyed it!

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