(Not) Muir Woods Hike

We were able to go hiking with some friends near Muir Woods, north of San Francisco. Due to the steep entrance fee, we decided to hike for free on nearby trails. After the wonderful hike, we headed to the City, where we checked out Christmas decorations at Pier 39, enjoyed dinner at the Rainforest Cafe, chocolate samples at Ghirardelli, and then drove back to Morgan Hill for yummy dessert at Ben and Bonnie’s place.

Golden Gate

Driving Over the Golden Gate

Stopping for Subway

Stopping for Subway

Choices, choices

Choices, choices…which way to go?

Beautiful Meadow

Beautiful Meadow

Kissy Lips

Kissy LIps

Birch Trees

Birch Trees

Resting at the Beach

Resting on the Beach

At the Beach


Nate and Christiana

The Hikers

The Hikers: Nate and Christiana; David and Pamela; Ben, Bonnie (who provided several of these pics) and Holden (who was quite a trooper the entire day!)

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