How to Make Your Own Wii Sensor Bar in 10 Easy Steps

For some family fun, Nate wanted Jason and Kimberly to bring their Wii system to Thanksgiving. To his dismay, however, they had permanently attached the sensor bar to their wall at home. After a brief moment of sadness, he brghtened: “No problem! I’ll make my own!”. I love my nerdy husband!

Step 1

Step 1: Google “How to make your own Wii sensor bar”

Step 2

Step 2: Climb up to attic with flashlight

Step 3

Step 3: Using flashlight, search through boxes for necessary electrical components. Every attic should have various wires and circuit boards, especially if your dad worked for IBM for 30+ years.

Step 4

Step 4: Discuss the plan with Dad

Step 5

Step 5: Receive further instruction from Dad

Step 6

Step 6: After appropriate preparation of wires and placement of components on the circuit board, simply solder the specified pieces

Step 7

Step 7: Ask lovely wife to solder

Step 8

Step 8: Ask talented nephew Liam, who can apparently solder without looking

Step 9

Step 9: Place completed sensor in front of the TV

Step 10

Step 10: Voila! Successfully play Wii with nephews and nieces

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  • December 8, 2008 at 6:00 pm

    lol. you 2 are too cute! awesome story (:


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